Embracing Contradiction

Work inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem
It was not Death, for I stood up

October 1 — October 13, 2016

Rockport Art Association & Museum
In this series I wanted to capture the chaos of experience juxtaposed with the attempt to find or impose order; the internal pressure that arises when confusion and emotion are compelled to be fitted into an orderly and narrow set of definitions or expectations; and the immediacy of the senses which cannot be reduced to a single point or message.

Painting is for me a means to allow complex experiences and feelings to make up a whole. It need not be one thing – it can be calming and anxiety provoking, ordered and chaotic, dark and light, warm and cool. It can be an experience rather than a statement. I hope that the works evoke feelings in the viewer, and create a spaciousness that allows for contradictions to co-exist side by side.