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My mixed media works emerges from play between the representational and the abstract, structure and impulse, dissonance and harmony. Combining painting and collage, I build environments where chaos gives way to order through pattern, color and theme. Bits and pieces of collage materials – a ticket, a snippet of a photo, a piece of a map, create touch points for possible narratives.


Inspiration for my work includes poetry, philosophy and feminist musings on the impact of the social world on our sense of our physical selves.


Painting for me is a means to allow complex experiences and feelings to make up a whole. It need not be one thing – it can be calming and anxiety provoking, ordered and chaotic, dark and light, warm and cool. It can be an experience rather than a statement. I hope that the work evokes feelings in the viewer, and creates a spaciousness that allows for contradictions to co-exist side by side.

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