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My kindergarten report card said, “Robin prefers to observe rather than join in”. I remain by nature an introvert who savors the openness of quiet, who wants time to look, ponder and explore.

In a world of speedy conclusions and conflicting certainties, art makes space for the unresolved, for uncertainty and not-knowing. From that space, a tenderness and vulnerability can emerge, room for a full gamut of emotions, as well as playfulness and a delight in the experience of making.

I engage with my work without preconceived ideas of where it will take me. Instead, it is a playground of open curiosity, where the process is unpredictable and engaging. I add color, marks and imagery drawn from current preoccupations, like ancient sculptures of large-bodied women crafted in clay by hands millennia ago; ink drawings of my own eyes; scraps of photographs, ads from magazines from a century ago; and always words. Sometimes the words are printed scraps of old books in varied languages; sometimes it is my own words handwritten. I am interested in the look of words, in their power and their limits in communication.

I work in layers, with some elements right on the surface and others receding back. Newer marks inscribe themselves over the older ones, creating history. Strata, like layers of time, like space. A world.

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