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Robin Colodzin’s work is inspired by the ocean, poetry, philosophy and feminism. She is an artist, a software engineer, a swimmer and an avid reader.


Robin is interested in the relationship between the sensual experience of living in our own bodies, and the ideas we generate about our bodies in response to cultural norms. She is curious about the private lives we share with no one, and the social creatures we become in relation to others. Where do they meet?


Robin exhibits her artwork regularly. She was included in a two-part exhibit titled ‘Women Artists Coast to Coast’ at Prince Street Gallery in New York City and in Seattle, Washington, had a solo exhibition, ‘Embracing Contradiction’, at the Rockport Art Association and Museum, as well as ‘Embodied’ at The Copley Society in Boston.


Her work has won awards including the Virginia Hammond Memorial Award and the Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation Memorial Award. She recently completed a book of her work and associated writing based on her show titled 'Embodied'.

Robin resides and works on Cape Ann, with a studio in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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